82 Monksdyke Road, Louth
LN11 9AW

Church Notices

Sunday 23rd June

Monks Dyke Road.

09.45 am    Prayer meeting

10.45 am     Alistair Begg       Isaiah 9 vs 6.( part 2.)

5.00 pm      Alistair Begg      Daniel 9         (part 2)



Wednesday 26th June 2019   7.15 pm

Bible Study: The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson

Prayer meeting.

Next Sunday  30th June.

09.45am        Prayer Meeting.

10.45am         Alistair Begg Isaiah 9.6 ( part 3)

5.00 pm         Alistair Begg Daniel 10  (Part 1)


Forward notice: This church will be closed for 4 weeks in July. From the 7th July to the 28th July inclusive.

All Visitors very welcome.