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Roger and Eva’s Mission in Finland

Roger & Eva Oehrli-Peters

with David and Elisabeth

from Switzerland

Our future ministry

Our future mission field is Finland. It is a country that was greatly influenced by the Reformation and later on by the Lutheran Church. Unfortunately, today it is no longer the spirit of Martin Luther that is prevalent, but more and more humanistic liberalism. The true gospel is no longer preached in many Lutheran churches. But the Lord’s command however is to preach the true gospel of heaven or hell. Our mission is to exhort every soul to believe in the Lord Jesus, to repent and to follow Him without compromise.

In the east of central Finland, we were able to buy a property with four living houses at a very low price. It is a former rehabilitation centre for alcoholics. In one of the houses we will live as a family. The other three houses we plan to make into holiday cottages that we could offer to guests starting by the summer of 2020. In connection with these cottages we have the following ministries in mind:

  • Bible-Study Holidays
  • Digital-Detox Holidays (No WiFi / time to relax without digital devices)
  • Church Planting in nearby city or village

Our goal is church planting in one of the nearby towns. That could be in the city of Joensuu with 70,000 inhabitants, or in Ilomantsi (village and surroundings with 5’000 inhabitants).

We consider this ministry in Finland as a life-long task. Our first job will be getting used to the culture and learning Finnish. Until we speak Finnish we will have to communicate in English which is widely understood in Finland. It would be wonderful if we could start a Bible-study group with local people, and Lord willing, it would develop into a church in the future.


The four living houses