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World Mission

Roger & Eva Oehrli-Peters

Roger & Eva Oehrli-Peters

with David and Elisabeth

from Switzerland

Our future ministry

Our future mission field is Finland. It is a country that was greatly influenced by the Reformation and later on by the Lutheran Church. Unfortunately, today it is no longer the spirit of Martin Luther that is prevalent, but more and more humanistic liberalism. The true gospel is no longer preached in many Lutheran churches. But the Lord’s command however is to preach the true gospel of heaven or hell. Our mission is to exhort every soul to believe in the Lord Jesus, to repent and to follow Him without compromise.

In the east of central Finland, we were able to buy a property with four living houses at a very low price. It is a former rehabilitation centre for alcoholics. In one of the houses we will live as a family. The other three houses we plan to make into holiday cottages that we could offer to guests starting by the summer of 2020. In connection with these cottages we have the following ministries in mind:

  • Bible-Study Holidays
  • Digital-Detox Holidays (No WiFi / time to relax without digital devices)
  • Church Planting in nearby city or village

Our goal is church planting in one of the nearby towns. That could be in the city of Joensuu with 70,000 inhabitants, or in Ilomantsi (village and surroundings with 5’000 inhabitants).

We consider this ministry in Finland as a life-long task. Our first job will be getting used to the culture and learning Finnish. Until we speak Finnish we will have to communicate in English which is widely understood in Finland. It would be wonderful if we could start a Bible-study group with local people, and Lord willing, it would develop into a church in the future.



“ Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”  1 Thessalonians 5v16  N.I.V 

Autumn update for the Van der Lindens.

Looking back at a blessed year

Dear readers,

As we are already back in the Netherlands for a while, it is time for a new newsletter.
To begin with, we want to thank everybody who supported us last year in every kind of way.

The last weeks in North Cotes were quite busy with a lot of homework and the packing of all the stuff in our apartment. On the other side it was also a very good time as there were a lot of activities and better weather.

David became 2 year old and started to show a lot of ‘character’ in these last weeks. For him it was also a busy and confusing time and we understand that it affected his behaviour a bit. Nonetheless had a very good time in England and is still able to recognise every child from the class picture, including their last name! From 4 hours a day at the nursery to staying at home with mummy is a big change for him. But after a couple of weeks we see that he is coping better with the new situation. He is a very happy, active boy who likes to sit in mud-pools, picking up big sticks and play with animals.

Those last things are all available at our temporary living place in the Netherlands. We live at a farm from members from our church. It is a wonderful place to stay and we really enjoy the rural area. Within 6 weeks we hope to move to another house the Lord provided. This will be the place where we will live for the foreseeable future.

The Lord also provided a job for Jeroen. He provided throughout the whole year in all our needs and we never had a lack of anything. But as we are planning to stay in the Netherlands until God opens that next door, we decided to find work to sustain ourselves. Jeroen will start the 24th of September.

The Lord used this year in different ways to change us more to the image of Christ. Obviously, we obtained a lot more knowledge of God, His Word and His Ways. But more than that, it was also a good place to practise what we learned to preach. The best lesson for us was that God want to provide in anything as long as we are willing to take a step in faith. For Linda this was maybe more in regards to here abilities in areas of language and study. For me it was maybe more in regards to taking a financial risk by taking the family abroad with no certain outcome. God learned us to simply trust in Him alone and everything will work out in His way.

That way is sometimes still uncertain as we have no clear view on Gods will for the future. At the moment we are busy with arranging housing, job etc. But we want to use the upcoming time also to find a place where God wants us to be. For now that is the Netherlands where we want to be a instrument in Gods hand at our workplace, neighbourhood and church. We are convinced God is calling us to bring the Gospel to those who never heard but it is unclear where and how. We see Finland as a possible option but there are some circumstances that make things a bit complicated. If you are reading this letter and are aware of possible mission opportunities abroad, we are happy to hear more about it!

We really like to hear from you too! And please be welcome if you are in the area!

In Christ,

Linda, Jeroen and David van der Linden

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